Who We Are

  • Dula Abdu
    • As one of ADTech’s founders, Dula has dedicated tremendous effort to bridge digital and income inequality. Under Mr. Abdu’s leadership, ADTech has trained over1000 economically disadvantaged children and adults in Houston. Before his current voluntary position with the organization, Dula worked at JPMorgan Chase in various capacities including as a financial analyst, and manager. He has also taught at various universities including Jackson State University, University of Houston (Central) San Jacinto College, Houston Community College, and Texas Sothern University. Dula has for many years been a distinguished civil servant, having sat on the Board of Directors of the Texas Workforce Commission as well as the Five Corners Management District serving the Hiram Clarke area. Based on this sterling track record of community service, Dula has been featured in the Houston Chronicle and other newspapers. His charitable activities include promoting economic development in Ethiopia, where he has started a microfinance, technology and water drilling projects.
  • Charlie Lindahl
    • Lifelong computer engineer with a 40+ year career spanning a wide range of environments and technologies including large corporations, academia and startup/entrepreneurial businesses. Strong background in management, leadership, and team cohesiveness.
  • First Name, Last Name

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