About Us

Appropriate Development Technology, Inc. (ADTech) is a nonprofit based in Houston, Texas on a mission to bridge the economic and the digital divide. Through technical training, we empower people, of all walks of life, to better their lives.

In this effort, we leverage new and innovative technology in 3d-Printing, Electronics, Coding, Drones, and more. In addition, we teach life skills such as financial literacy, communication, and critical thinking, which are essential for survival in modern society and the elimination of income inequality.

In August 1999, ADTech opened its first Internet Training Center in an economically depressed section of Southwest Houston with the help of Stanford Alexander (Chairman, Weingarten Realty Investors), former Mayor Lee Brown and the late Ben Love (Chairman, Texas Commerce Bank). The immense community demand later resulted in the creation of four new computer literacy training sites across Houston.

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